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ZX Nostalgia: the magical Sinclair Spectrum lives on iPhone and touch

ZX Nostalgia

The pioneering times of home computers are back on the iPhone and touch with the ZX Nostalgia app which allows you to play 14 games of the ZX Spectrum, the very compact and inexpensive computer created by the genius of Sir Clive Sinclair in 1982. As the developer himself declares minimalist app designed to efficiently perform a limited number of tasks, i.e. run on iPhone and touch all the games included in the app with identical performance to the original Spectrum.

The included game package includes: Ad Astra, Android Two, Barmy Burgers, Bugaboo the Flea, Chuckie Egg, Deathchase, Fantastic Voyage, Fred, Horace Goes Skiing, Manic Miner, Treasure Rescate, 3D Starstrike, Trashman, Wheelie. ZX Nostalgia offers a virtual joystick and also a shot button on the screen to play horizontally or vertically, while little or nothing is known about the future availability of other games. It is not yet clear whether the developer intends to insert the possibility of users to load other games, provided that this function is then accepted by Apple, or if instead a store will be created within the app. In any case, the affordable price of 79 cents represents a temptation that is difficult to resist for all users who have had a Spectrum in the past and also for fans of retro gaming and retro computers.

ZX Nostalgia proposed on the App Store at 79 cents.

ZX Nostalgia

ZX NostalgiaZX Nostalgia