Zuckerberg: "Because I forced you to download Messenger"

Zuckerberg: "Because I forced you to download Messenger"

Mark Zuckerberg, questioned by the public, explained why he decided to make Messenger a stand-alone app: "Improve the user experience, trust me"

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Of Facebook (Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)

The real question was that. We all wanted to know. Understanding why Zuckerberg would have asked us to have an app to manage chats. During the Q&A, to which the CEO of Facebook made available Thursday, November 6, the fateful question arrived.

The answer for, how much more politically correct could give birth. Thanks for the difficult question, he says, because we have to be able to explain why what we are thinking is right.

Well, here's what they're thinking: “We are aware of having made a great demand on users, which can also be subject to friction. But we wanted to do it because we believe this involves a better experience.There are 10 billions of messages sent every day, but first you had to wait for the application to load, and then go to the separate tab. Send messages the thing that is most done on social networks. If in some countries 85% of people on Facebook, 95% use SMS or messages ". In short, they believe it. Converting all required, meant generating the same user experience for everyone, and allowing anyone to respond quickly. In the long run, confirm, the results will be excellent.

Whether the answer convinces or not, we recommend the summary, in a minute, of all the Q&A experience, complete with delicious gifs.

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