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Zombie Wonderland barricades itself in the App Store

Barricade yourself in the house, in a dark and disturbing night, while hordes of undead outside complain and try in every way to enter to have dinner with your brain. Lovers of B-movies, horror films such as The Night of the Living Dead or novels such as I Am Legend, will have learned to know such a situation very well. In fact, what could be more frightening than the claustrophobic feeling of being surrounded by zombies that could enter through any door or window of your home? Zombie Wonderland is based on this premise, colorful and frantic survival horror created by Xoobis and published by Chillingo for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The player will take on the role of Chuck, a sort of garbage collector of the undead, who will be contacted by the various inhabitants of the village of Niceville to get rid of the creatures and leave the various houses intact. Each level will represent a timed challenge, in which to survive until dawn for five nights in a row: you will find yourself barricaded at home, with hordes of zombies approaching the open windows; so you have to run from one to the other, barricade them with wooden beams and prevent unwanted guests from entering. If at first the game may seem a little repetitive, the player will soon find bread for his teeth with the appearance of the first objects, the appearance of new types of zombies and the increasing difficulty of the game. In addition to the aforementioned beams, it will be possible to place automatic machine guns on the windows and use more powerful weapons, while if a zombie should be killed inside the house, it will be necessary to clean the floor before the return of the landlord. There are four game scenarios, each of which offers ever larger and more dangerous environments, with a greater number of windows or places where zombies can enter. However, after finishing the main mode it will be possible to challenge yourself in an endless survival option, in which the player will have to try to resist as long as possible and earn as many points as possible.

The variety of the game also increases with the appearance of original enemies, such as inflamed zombies and grandmothers-zombies, whose scream could leave you dying. Finally, the integration of the Crystal bookstores allows you to unlock many goals and compare your scores with the entire community of players scattered around the globe. Given the goodness of the game, it is hoped that the developers will soon decide to publish new levels, weapons and extras through updates on the App Store. Meanwhile, Zombie Wonderland purchasable on offer at the launch price of 79 cents.

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