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ZDNet: the next Powerbook

ZDNet: so is the next Powerbook

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The next PowerBook? Redesigned case, 15 ′ 16: 9 screen, G4 processors. Jason O'Grady tries to revive his hypothesis on the successor of the current laptops and does so by citing unspecified authoritative sources close to Apple, but once again as in the past does not convince. The founder of Go2Mac this time refines his theses this time , presented just a few months ago by MacWeek, adding details and new considerations. "Mercury (this would be the code name of the new laptop according to O'Grady NDR) has passed the first phase of beta testing and will be released at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco." The laptop will have only one FireWire port, two USB ports and all the well-known features we know and can be deduced from current configurations. Also according to O'Grady Mercury would have a G4 processor with 500 and more MHz and, a feature that at first sight looks really intriguing, a 16: 9 screen. Also in this case as it happens more and more often O'Grady, who had also predicted an unlikely upgrade of the PowerBooks for late summer, it seems to have really gone off target. First, it is very unlikely that the new PowerBook could be released in the context of the San Francisco Expo. This simply because Apple tends not to mix the presentation of hardware and software and for the review of the Pacific coast Apple is committed to presenting MacOs X. In addition to there only a few weeks later, in early February, MacWorld will be held in Tokyo Asia Expo, which seems a much more suitable place for introducing such a machine. Then the new laptop can have a G4, it seems to be a thesis to prove itself. To date, Motorola's processors have been confined to medium-high end desktop machines and their consumption and their heating remains too high to be suitable for a laptop that is likely to be even higher if we talk about a 750 MHz version , like the one mentioned by O'Grady. To understand what we mean just put one hand on top of one of the Expo Cubes to realize that that processor will never be installed in a laptop. Then, using a G4 for the new laptop runs the risk of alienating the collaboration with IBM, jealously preserved until now by reserving the installation of Big Blue in PBs, iMacs and iBooks. For its part IBM has almost ready a processor, the 750Cxe, which seems to be designed specifically for a high-end laptop: low consumption, low heating, low cost, speed up to 750 MHz. It is difficult to think that such a chip does not fit into the plans Apple. Finally a 16: 9 monitor would be a really good thing, but its costs and poor practicality leave us very perplexed about its actual arrival in a car like the new PowerBook. Prediction, therefore, that of Macity, founded on the simple use of logic and without encroaching on friends in Cupertino (which nobody has anymore …) here is how it could have such features: speed up to 650 MHz, 750cx processor, 15 ′ active matrix screen, two FireWire ports (because being limited to one ?), UMA2 motherboard. Release date mid February.

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