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Yes, iPhone can be jailbroken from an Android

Yes, iPhone can be jailbroken from an Android

By connecting a smartphone via cable with the Google OS, which is based on Linux, you can take advantage of the well-known checkra1n tool

jailbreak iphone android(Photo: Reddit)

There is a new tool to effectively jailbreak the iPhone and what very few would have expected: one Android smartphone. Just take a quick look at the image above: you will notice an apple phone connected by cable to a rival with Google's operating system.

The most attentive will have immediately identified the method used to unlock iPhone: their own that exploit checkm8 which exploits an enormous weakness intrinsic to all Apple smartphones up to those with the A11 Bionic chip, therefore up to the beloved iPhone X. The vulnerability hardware related and not to the software, therefore "always leaves a door open" with a technical error that cannot be corrected with an update or a software patch.

And so, even with the latest update of iOs at level 13.3.1 It is possible to release the brakes and broaden the horizons of the operating system with an Android smartphone. The very simple reason: the operating system of the green robot based on Linux which natively supported by the checkra1n tool to jailbreak.

The less complicated procedure than you could imagine, given that the enormous potential of an Android smartphone with the permissions of root, as demonstrated by the user of Reddit (video) who revealed this possibility. As can be seen, the two smartphones are connected via an otg adapter and basically theAndroid is a surrogate for the PC to jailbreak. For the record, the model used a Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact with version 10 of Android 10 with kernel 4.14 with root run by Magisk 20.3.

Recall that checkra1n is not a method for obtaining a permanent and definitive jailbreak. It is defined semi-tethered because unlocking lasts until the iPhone is restarted. However, it can be restored at any time and for sure with this method through Android it can lighten the process especially in mobility. As normal as it is, this very first version of the unlocking system still unstable, but the developers are working to improve it and make it easier to use even to users less accustomed to these procedures.


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