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Yamaha, stop the CD-RW

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Farewell to CD-RWs with the Yamaha brand

The Japanese company, one of the pioneers in the field of CD burning for home and small business devices, has announced that it has put an end to the production of its burners. Yahama stresses that the choice would be due to market difficulties caused by the rapid erosion of the margins of profit, from the volatility of the prices and from the extreme competitiveness of the segment.

Yamaha's burners, since their appearance, have represented a reference for the competition and have also been used in products branded differently also ending up in computers as internal drives. Lately for, as Yamaha itself says, the market has become very complex with an unusual pressure on prices that has thrown dozens of Taiwanese competitors into the competition, able to offer impossible costs for the big houses that have tried to differentiate the offer (Yamaha, for example, it featured a burner capable of "tattooing" the discs avoiding the use of adhesive labels) in order to justify higher costs.

Over the past few months, however, the impossibility, due to the structural limitations of technology, to increase burning speeds, the most incentive factor for the purchase of more expensive products, has begun to loom on the horizon. Another element, perhaps decisive, that contributed to the choice of Yamaha.

The Japanese manufacturer has announced that it will continue to produce CD-RW discs and recorders for the music and audio field.