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XViewer CD-ROM: to read Multimedia CDs for Windows only

"CD-ROM XViewer" a useful freeware created by Events Special Projects: for years engaged in the development of CD-ROMs using Macintosh computers, and tired of seeing so many products with the "Made with Macromedia" logo compatible only for Windows! This sad, because we know how much effort would be needed to create the Mac version! So we have Events Special Projects has decided to develop in Director this small engine that allows Mac users to "run" most CD-Roms only for Windows, provided they are created with the Director (you can recognize them precisely by the presence of the "Made with Macromedia" logo, generally displayed in the booklet), without the use of emulator lenses.

In addition, CD-ROM XViewer allows you to run the compiled CDs for mac os 9 natively on X, allowing us to consult our multimedia library without starting the Classic !!!

What's new? "XViewer CD-ROM" an update of the previous "E20 4 Mac" with two fundamental new features:

– The application was recompiled with Director MX, so you can see the CDs created with Director for Windows natively under X!

– This version also allows you to browse multimedia products for Mac created with previous versions of Director (not compatible for X) in a fluid and native way on os X.

To download the XViewer CD-ROM (requires StuffIt Expander 5.1.2 or higher), start from this page of the site of the Events Special Projects

It would be interesting to know from our readers the actual functioning of the applications with the CDs on the market or edited in the past: go to fetch in your multimedia archive the titles only for Windows and with the "made with Director" logo and let us know through this section of our Forum which work correctly with the freeware of Events Special Projects.