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Xpress for Mac OS X to the alpha phase

Xpress for Mac OS X to the alpha phase – Macitynet.it

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Xpress walks towards Mac OS X. Slowly but walks.

The application for electronic layout, the last strategic product that has not yet been converted for the new operating system would, in fact, have reached the alpha phase.

This was announced by some American sites that have obtained what appear to be accurate information from developers working on its implementation.

Xpress, therefore, would be proceeding even if the speed is not that desired by Apple and by a large user base.

Initially it was thought (but it would be better to say it was hoped, given that Quark had never been lavish with details about it) that Xpress could be ready for February. Then we talked about spring, now it is probable that if indeed the package at the alpha stage, it will be difficult to see a definitive version before the end of spring itself if not in summer. Which would mean that for localized versions (the Passport) it may be necessary to wait for autumn. Without calculating that Xpress has a long history of delays and slippages compared to the set and desired dates.

Recall that Apple, precisely because of the laziness with which Quark faced the problem of the conversion of Mac OS X was forced to pay back the promise of launching machines capable of booting only from Mac OS X starting from January. The announcement, which took place last summer, was then corrected by specifying that in any case some CPUs capable of starting from Mac OS 9 will remain on the market. The decision was based on the lack of a version for Mac OS X of Quark Xpress which would have obliged many users to postpone the purchase of new professional machines.

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