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Xposed module | How to get MultiWindow on Android with XMultiWindow

Xposed module | How to get MultiWindow on Android with XMultiWindow

The opportunities of Android customization, thanks to the excellent work conducted by the community of modding, appear very large and often even more complete than what is offered on the software side by the main manufacturers among which, to date almost nobody except LG, has introduced a method for using the MultiWindow.

If you are used to exploiting multiple applications with a certain frequency, having to carry out inconvenient screen changes, the MultiWindow mode represents the best available to optimize the screen space by enabling the simultaneous use of two equally distributed applications, something possible thanks to the moduleXMultiWindow of Xposed Framework.

Requirements for installing XMultiWindow

This particleXposed module, available for all devices but certainly more functional for devices with large displays such as phablets or tablets, it allows you to enable Android to MultiWindow in a few steps, obviously taking into account some minimum requirements:

The installation of XMultiWindowenable your device to the appearance of a preference bar, for applications of your choice, which you can manage by interchanging their use and position as best you can consider appropriate, resulting very comfortable in the context of daily use.

Installation of XMultiWindow

Install theXposed modulein question, as often happened for the others, one of the simplest modding operations available in the panorama so as to take a few seconds to enable the features available with the tool.

Downloaded the related package ".apk " and obtained the certainty of being able to exploit theapplications with unknown origins,all you have to do is locate the file using your file manager and run it as any application:

XMultiWindow will be available on your device but disabled for use, to finalize its procedures go to the "Forms"Of the Xposed app by ticking the item"XMultiWindow“, Or click on the notification notification for automatic restart which, we remind you, can be performed at any time and not necessarily immediately after the request.

Setting up XMultiWindow

The setting of XMultiWindow, similarly to the processinstallation, a simple and not very complex maneuver but on which you will have to pay attention because it is highly personalized. First open the namesake application, then go to "SideBar Settings"Where you have to adjust the width of the left sidebar, under"SideBar Width", And select the preferred applications to be displayed, under"Sidebar App Settings".

XMultiWindow settings

Once the operation is over, go to the mail page to activate the MultiWindow function through the option "Open SideBar"And return to the main screen of the your launcher. To make the activation effective, perform a left swype, starting from the display edge, and you will see the use bar, in addition to a notification that will allow you to disable the option.

Select, in the list of XMultiWindow, the applications to be displayed simultaneously with a single click and the choice between top position, with "Add to up WorkSpace", And the lower position, with"Add to downWorkSpace". We remind you how you can exchange the apps displayed on the screen at any time by simply choosing them from the relative bar.

Compatibility and any problems

If, in particularly complex cases, you should come across a malfunction capable of causing the device tobootloop, as mentioned among the basic requirements for using the tool, you can turn to custom recovery to disable the contrast elements thanks to the presence of a ".zip" file fromflash, calledXposed-disabler-Recovery,released automatically during the installation of the Xposed Installer.

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