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Xposed module | How to get LG Knock Code on any smartphone

Among the most interesting features of the current Android landscape, both smartphone and tablet, certainly stands outLG Knock Code, or the unlock sequence security developed by the Korean company LG for some of its products, among which we can mention the LG G2 and LG G3 in addition to the LG G Pad 8.3, capable of offering an anti-access mechanism for anyone who is not expressly authorized even safer of the much talked about fingerprint sensor, easily hacked on the various models that are already equipped with it.

Despite this feature, in spite of the trendy to make some exclusives available on the Google Play Store, is not available for all devices but only for a limited circle of lucky ones with the LG brand the modding community does not give up providing everyone with a system on how to get LG Knock Code on any smartphone in a simple and practical way for everyone thanks to the use to the modules of Xposed Frameworksystem we talked about by providing one complete installation guide, complete with advantages and risks.

Requirements for the installation of LG Knock Code

The installation of the Xposed Framework module obviously requires some requirements to be verified before proceeding, some perhaps even basic but towards which it is always appropriate to devote a minute of attention to avoid any complications:

  • Enabling theroot rightson the device
  • Installation of Xposed Framework
  • Presence of a firmware based onAndroid 4.2 and above

The process, which takes at least a couple of minutes, will finalize the presence of LG Knock Code on any device with the disadvantage, unfortunately losing much of the appeal that the original functionality boasts, of being able to be used only on the access screen as a common option. to unlock the device safely, a problem that developers underline being overcome with a custom kernel on a device enabled to wake up with double tap, an element on which they do not provide particular indications as it is also a requirement mostly present on models LG already enabled for this particular release.

Installation of LG Knock Code

The installation of the MOD intuitive enough and risk-free both for the system and for the device, each single module in fact intended as a piece to be enabled and disabled with maximum convenience through the Xposed Framework management panel.

The first step to be taken is to download the dedicated ".apk" file created by the developer MohammadAG of XDA, positioning it within any directory of its own microSD or of the internal storage, and then reach it through a good file manager by clicking on it. Obviously for the installation of aapplication with unknown origins you must first enable the system through the specific mini guide that we suggest you consult before proceeding:

Once the process is complete you should receive a notification that warns of the correct presence of the module in the system, at this point to activate it you can choose whether to click on the command in the notification panel or go to "Framework"Under"Forms", Where you will find the complete list of all those installed on the device, by checking the"Knock Code”To activate it, restarting the system for complete modification.

LG Knock Code setup

Once the newly installed Xposed Framework module is enabled, it will be your job to set its preference parameters for use and in this case the first step to take will be to go to the appropriate application, in theβ€˜App drawer, called Knock Code by clicking on the item β€œChange knock code". At this point, in fact, you must select the frequency and rhythm of the taps on the screen to be set for unlocking, paying attention to the way in which the taps are used to avoid forgetting when unlocking.

Once this process is completed, to definitively activate the mechanism, you will have to go to the panel "Settings"Under"Safety"And select the option"Screen lock"From where you can manage all the modes available for your device but among which you will not find LG Knock Code Xposed Framework module in fact it has been superimposed on one of the options already present and specifically on β€œSequence"Which you must activate by setting the various parameters and which, on first use, will instead be replaced by the new release function inspired by the feature of the Korean company.

Compatibility and any problems

If, in particularly complex cases, you should come across a malfunction capable of causing the device tobootloop, as mentioned among the fundamental requirements for using the tool, you can turn to custom recovery to disable the contrast elements thanks to the presence of a ".zip" file fromflash, calledXposed-disabler-Recovery,released automatically during the installation of the Xposed Installer.

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