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Xposed module | How to get gestures on Android with Gesture …

Xposed module | How to get gestures on Android with Gesture ...

Some of the most interesting but still poorly optimized and exploited by most users features are gesture, or gods execution commands on Android that can be performed with a particular movement on the display which, associated with certain apps or services, allow to speed up the use processes and greatly simplify the life of users, also being intelligent in purely functional and automatism which on an operating system, such as Android itself, can be implemented.

The manufacturers who have concretely provided optimized gestures, within their interfaces and software packaging, are currently few, but despite the attempt to date, no device more than others has managed to offer the user a mode of development and gesture control such as to optimize and automate Android in a personalized but above all efficient way, a question to which the modding community responded as always by creating a special Xposed Framework module that opens the doors to this option, let's talk aboutGesture Navigation.

Requirements for the installation of Management Navigation

The idea is the result of work carried out by SeniorMember XDA FemBlack, and from the Italian translation support oftotalnoob34, creating one of the most interesting modules of the panoramaXposed Framework with great potential, although the installation process as for any other module is simple and boasts the following minimum requirements:

The installation ofGesture Navigation in fact, they will expand the gestures already, minimally, present on your system regardless of the type of device, interface or launcher you are adopting, guaranteeing the possibility to create and customize all the movements by finding the right compromise between your singular and personal usage habits and the potential of the device in your possession on which you will optimize the gestures, with advantages that can be fully appreciated only once tried the module.

Installation of Management Navigation

THE Xposed modules are now known for the simplicity ofinstallation, the procedure takes a couple of minutes enabling the system to gesture which, in the second phase, will perhaps represent the most expensive element in terms of time having to set the individual options for the first time.

As always you will have to download the package on your device ".apk”Of the Gesture Navigation module available in demo version on the XDA thread dedicated and in premium version on the Google Play Store, in the first case of the directory not chosen because you will only have to log in again from a good file manager to perform the installation, the latter process possible by remembering enabling Android to install applications with unknown origins:

The installation will require, as usual, the activation of the module which in the first instance will obviously be unusable and to make it necessary to perform a restart of the device either manually, or tied to the activation switch present in the notification panel and in the panel "Forms"Of the Xposed Framework by clicking on the"Gesture Navigation"

Setting up Management Navigation

The more complex work, as anticipated, concerns precisely the regulation of settings offered by Management Navigation to be able to set all the services on your device by creating and using all the gestures available on the basis of uses and preferences, for those who will have the patience to test the various points proposed we are sure this module Xposed can offer great opportunities both from a functional point of view, simplifying daily use and from an attractive point of view, transforming a device that may not have been recently released into a model capable of being even more useful and optimized than a top of the range product in fact a satisfaction.

Gesture Navigation settings

In fact, the Management Navigation application offers various items, some of which are only enabled for the premium version available on the Google Play Store, and by accessing each of them you can adjust the individual gestures by choosing the behaviors to be performed by the device based on the type of movement conducted with the fingers, all saving then the settings created through the menu options present in the main screen with the classic icon on the right and upper side of the display.

Compatibility and any problems

If, in particularly complex cases, you should come across a malfunction capable of causing the device tobootloop, as mentioned among the fundamental requirements for using the tool, you can turn to custom recovery to disable the contrast elements thanks to the presence of a ".zip" file fromflash, calledXposed-disabler-Recovery,released automatically during the installation of the Xposed Installer.

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