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Xposed module | How to edit applications with App Settings

Xposed module | How to edit applications with App Settings

There Android customization can represent a key process in identifying the user with their device, with different modification permissions which unfortunately in the common version of the OS are apparently limited, taking into account the wide possibility of modification compared to any other operating system.

How often does it happen to unlock the doors of Android, ensuring access to settings and parameters that can act on every single detail of the user experience, the modding community which, in function of the Android customization speech, has developed a unique module Xposed Framework, called App Settings, with which to unlock applications by acting on each internal parameter.

Requirements for installing App Settings

The following represents aXposed moduleamong the most complex of the panorama, capable of offering a unique degree of customization. Although it provides us, as for any other, some small basic minimum requirements:

Once installedApp Settingsallow you to edit multiple parameters such as viewing applications, i management permits, the size of the screens and the quality of the display, all without forgetting the management of notifications and widgets by configuring your own screen as best you can think of.

Install App Settings

Enabling the code contained in this specification module allows you to access a wide range of application details whose changes, however, will not be permanent but linked to the activation of App Settings.

Once downloaded the file β€œ.apk"And placed a directory of your liking you can proceed with the installation, to do so make sure you have enabled the use of applications with unknown origins and finally click on it via a file manager:

Before we can manage the various items, we remind you of the need to activate the module by applying a check to the item β€œApp Settings"Present within the Xposed Framework in the sections"Forms”And then restart the device.

Setting up App Settings

The modification of the parameters present in the various applications will be entrusted to the application of the same name which will make its appearance within yours app drawer, with access to every single service or app on yours smartphone or Tablet.

Settings App Settings

Once you have identified the desired application, either by scrolling through the list or by carrying out a specific search in the dedicated field, you will have access to the relative screen where you can set the individual parameters. The opportunities are manifold, you just have to indulge yourself in the tests: possibility to change the size of the icons in some applications, screen size, resolution quality, texts, resolution launcher, size of the notification bar and much more.

Example Facebook with App Settings

We conducted a small test on theFacebook app, reducing and enlarging the screen beyond making it β€œfull immersive"Without upper bar, purely by way of example to reveal the capabilities but the possibilities for modification and the efficiency of the latter are left to you, in order to find the right settings for a more user-friendly use

Compatibility and any problems

If, in particularly complex cases, you should come across a malfunction capable of causing the device tobootloop, as mentioned among the fundamental requirements for using the tool, you can turn to custom recovery to disable the contrast elements thanks to the presence of a ".zip" file fromflash, calledXposed-disabler-Recovery,released automatically during the installation of the Xposed Installer.

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