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Xposed module | How to change Android fonts with Fonter

Xposed module | How to change Android fonts with Fonter

There Android customization currently represents one of the main strengths of the OS and among the modification factors enabled on the system there is no lack of fonts. The same Google has in fact recently changed the style based on Roboto in order to provide a homogeneous user experience and in line with the style designed for the green robot.

Despite everything for how to change android fonts represents one of the most interesting maneuvers, for expert and non expert users, to which the community of modding wanted to provide a definitive and clear answer that could be exploited without resorting to more or less effective solutions with various apps and scams. Hence the Fonter module, a MOD of its own XposedFramework which enables the modification of fonts according to the areas of interest.

Requirements for the installation of Source

This singular Xposed module offers multiple advantages, acting 360 on the operating system in order to allow the maximum degree of choice for the user. The requirements for its installation are minimal:

The installation ofFonter,opens the door to unprecedented variability and not by chance the module offers a wide compatibility with the interfaces ofHTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Nokia X, Nexus as well asSamsung and OnePlus, being integrated even on coloros. In addition, we are offered a wide range of downloadable fonts with preview, to be applied to the system or only to specific applications you have selected.

Installation of Source

Install theXposed modulein question, simple as usual for these particular MODs, which enable access to system areas without creating damage.

Fonter downloadable through both from Google Play Store, available in a free and premium version at a cost of 1.59, both via the ".apk" file within the Xposed Framework archive pages. In the latter case, we remind you to enable the use of applications with unknown origins:

Once the application is installed you will have to proceed to its usual way activation that you will be allowed either through a special button with a restart integrated in the notification, present in the notifications panel, either manually via the "Forms"By Xposed by first checking the item"Fonter”And then running in fast reboot.

Setting of Source

The Fonter application displayed on your app drawer will allow you to be able to manipulate fonts with a simplicity and intuitiveness that few other solutions can guarantee on the landscape Android.

Once the screen has started, you can manage everything directly from the central area, navigating by scrolling the screens through the main varieties of fonts by language, among which there is noItalian but without particular limitations being able to draw on both the characters and theEnglish, which at French or allo Spanish.

Once you have selected the font, whose preview is clearly available on the home page, you will have to confirm the download and then choose from the options β€œChange App Font", You will be directed to an area for selecting the applications to choose by placing one on the relevant screen switch on the "OFF> ON", is "Change System Font", Which instead will automate the modification of the font to the system asking for a restart.

Fonter boasts, in the panel β€œSettings”The possibility to choose between different interfaces colors such as black in the screens in the gallery, as well as many management parameters on automatic restarts, the languages ​​to be displayed on the home.

Compatibility and any problems

If, in particularly complex cases, you should come across a malfunction capable of causing the device tobootloop, as mentioned among the fundamental requirements for using the tool, you can turn to custom recovery to disable the contrast elements thanks to the presence of a ".zip" file fromflash, calledXposed-disabler-Recovery,released automatically during the installation of the Xposed Installer.

The guide ends here, for any doubt, question or report, you can request directly from the comment box at the end of the article.

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