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X 10.1 Upgrade: here it is!

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X 10.1 Upgrade: here it is! logomacitynet1200wide 1

After a few minutes from the Italian zero hour of Mac OS X version 10.1, we got to get our hands on a copy of the official upgrade (see the photo). It is a white cardboard folder containing, in addition to the paper guarantees , the revised and correct manual for this version, always elegant and succinct, plus the Mac OS update CD to 9.2.1 and the Mac OS X update CD to 10.1.The cover has the words in English but all the rest of the documentation in Italian.Remember that from Saturday, Mac OS X 10.1 upgrade CD should have appeared initially in a few copies at the major (in theory, all) resellers of Apple products for free distribution to all owners of Mac OS X .We learned that "few" could mean not much more than twenty copies each for what are the main centers on the Milanese square, such as the two Mondadori shops. It is to be assumed that the struggle for accaparr catkin becomes ferocious: they will probably all end in the first week if there is not a new supply. For the less fortunate and more distant from Apple centers, here is the link to have the update sent home by spending 39,500 lire / 20.40 Euros For further comments on this situation, we would like to remind you that our forum has set up a special section, also to report the stores in possession of these copies throughout Italy.

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