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WWDC 2020, iPhone alongside professional video cameras for filming

WWDC 2020, iPhone alongside professional video cameras for filming

Apple could use (also) gods iPhone to stream WWDC 2020. The conference, remember, will be held for the first time exclusively online, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, starting on June 22nd.

The indiscretion comes from Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg and to be considered one of the most reliable sources of rumors about the Apple in the world. It is safe to assume that the more traditional and powerful cameras will be used for the main events, such as the opening keynote, but for the technical contour sessions, those more for professionals, the hardware of the latest generation iPhones should be more than enough.

On closer inspection there is not much to be surprised: the quality of smartphone cameras has made great strides in recent years, even more impressive if you think about the very little space available for the optics. The software, as we have been able to analyze several times, has given a great hand. For some time now, smartphones, especially iPhones, have been used by professional content creators in various fields – naturally in tandem with the right accessories and auxiliary equipment: the "Shot on iPhone" series has been a reality for years now, but also an artist of the caliber of Lady Gaga has shot one of her latest video clips entirely with iPhone 11 Pro.

COVID-19 has only amplified this trend even further: in America, many productions use specific iPhone-based equipment to continue working from home. These include the talk shows of Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien, or the reality show American Idol; then there are real series, such as that of the Muppets on Apple TV +, and other special contents, such as the extra episode of Tiger King or the reunion of the cast of Parks and Recreation.