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WWDC 2003: from 19 to 23 May in San Jose.

A staple, at least so far, is the WWDC – WorldWide Developer Conference in San Jose, California, which has held the bench for some time in May.

Professional developers, students, aficionados, members of the open-source community, web managers, learn a lot of Apple and non-Apple technologies, test the future in private sessions and are prepared for the news from all over the world. months to follow, meeting Apple technicians face-to-face.

This year the conferences (for a total of over 150 hours) gravitate around these fundamental themes: "Apple Developer Tools", "Hardware", "Graphics and Imaging", "Core OS", "Application Frameworks", "Enterprise IT "And" QuickTime – Develop, Produce, Deliver ", the latter two, new compared to previous editions.

In order to access WWDC 2003 for free, you must be registered in the ADC programs or pay (figures valid until April 18, then increase by $ 300/400) $ 1,300 for the "E-Ticket" package or $ 1,700 for the "Getting Started" Bundle ”(includes an E-Ticket, ADC Select membership and WWDC 2002 DVD-ROM).

Facilitations also for students.

The prestigious "Apple Design Awards" are also awarded during WWDC.

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