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Woz iPhone likes it unlocked

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Woz likes iPhone unlocked logomacitynet1200wide 1

Nobody has ever doubted that Steve Wozniak was a true and pure hacker spirit. He has a history of consistency in all the projects he has created, starting with his first electronic hacks to make fun of school friends and friends, passing by the Blueboxes to call free of charge on the AT&T lines sold to university students together with Jobs, up to the creation of Apple I and Apple II. So the photograph appeared a few minutes ago on the official (and at the same time unofficial, for obvious copyright reasons) blog of the Dev Team, the group of programmers who created PwnageTool that allows you to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone .

In the shot the seraphic Woz appears with a calm smile while showing, with some satisfaction, an iPhone without a shadow of a doubt "freed". On the screen, in fact, the drawing-caricature of Steve Jobs appears, one of the alternative iPhone startup screens that replaces the Apple logo of the ignition in the terminals subjected to the PwnageTool procedure. For all admirers of the wizard of Woz, here on the side we reproduce the shot taken by a member of the Dev Team.

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