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Work on the iPhone 12 may be delayed for Coronavirus

Foxconn inizia a costruire maschere mediche per coronavirus

In the first two months of the year, Apple managers often travel to China to meet personally with Foxconn engineers: even if industrial production begins in the summer, the testing, validation and the first prototypes of the iPhone 12 may undergo delays for Coronavirus, an extension of the times that could force Apple to postpone the launch or commercial availability of the next terminals.

This scenario has already emerged in some analyst reports, especially for the cheap iPhone 9 expected in March, but now former Apple employees and also some Foxconn managers, claim that the delays due to travel and travel restrictions for the epidemic in China may affect the table. Cupertino launch march. The validation phase, the construction of the first prototypes and the resolution of problems is a crucial period that intensifies immediately after the holidays for the Chinese New Year, therefore in early February, but this year for iPhone 12 everything slowed down if not blocked due to Coronavirus.

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They probably have an assembly line they are trying things on, says a former employee. And still Apple engineers are with Foxconn engineers? If they are, they are probably making progress. But if they are not, if they are in quarantine, it could be bad. According to others, reported by Reuters, a delay at this stage will spill over into the later stages, such as the finalization of the components that Apple has to order and that manufacturers have to produce in large quantities long before industrial production begins this summer.

Also due to travel and travel restrictions, it appears that several Foxconn executives were surprised by the outbreak of the epidemic while they were abroad for the Chinese New Year holidays, unable to return. For the moment it is a question of whether or not the launch of the iPhone 12 will be delayed. In China, Apple and Foxconn are slowly returning to normal: Cupertino is reopening its stores, Foxconn has launched incentives and bonuses to speed up the return of workers to the factories.

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