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WordRoll: English dictionary on iPhone and iPod touch

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Unlike the classic digital dictionaries, TranCreative's WordRoll EI shows all 35 thousand entries in memory using the classic scroll wheel of the iPhone and touch. In this way it is possible to reach the desired word simply by scrolling with a finger the very long page that contains all 35 thousand entries.

But this is not the most practical way: if we are looking for a word to face an interview or in another emergency situation, just start typing the first letters in the input field. As we introduce new letters WordRoll EI displays a list of the words that contain them, reducing the selection more and more. In this way and for most of the words it is sufficient to insert a few letters to obtain in a few seconds the word we are looking for.

The entire WordRoll vocabulary database is a page that displays the Italian term and the English translation on the opposite side: by pressing a single button you can switch between searching for Italian terms in English and vice versa.

For all these reasons WordRoll is the perfect solution if we are looking for a fast and immediate tool to be used to recover terms in English or Italian very quickly. If we want more information on words, etymology and different meanings WordRoll EI must be combined with a traditional dictionary. On the App Store there are several, among which we also remember WordBook, a dictionary also containing synonyms, always created by TranCreative.

WordRoll EI English / Italian translator available at the price of 2.39 euros directly on this App Store page.

Finally the complete WordBook dictionary containing 150 thousand words and equivalent to a book of 1800 pages available at the price of 5.99 euros in this page of the App Store.