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With TransDock Direct DLO bring iPod and iPhone in the car

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For those who want to bring their iPod or iPhone in the car, while not having a direct dock with the cockpit system, the new DLO TransDock Direct arrives. Unlike many TransDocks, the accessory does not reproduce the now abused FM transmission technology, but provides a direct connection with the line-in of your car radio.

The package already contains all the necessary peripherals for connection: a cable for connection to the car radio and one for connecting to the cigarette lighter socket, to supply power and simultaneously charge the device.

A comfortable flexible arm is included to orient the connected device (excellent in the case of iPod touch and iPhone for a horizontal view), and a Power Socket adapter, to be used in case you want to recharge other devices.

The accessory of undoubted comfort and completeness, although it only affects those who own a system with audio input; all the others will have to resort to a cassette adapter.

Compatible with all iPod nano, all iPods from the fourth generation, iPod touch and iPhone, the TransDock Direct sold at the indicative price of 60 dollars.