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With the easing of the lockdowns, we return to Apple stores in Italy

I dispositivi Apple segnano la più alta percentuale di soddisfazione tra gli utenti USA

As expected in recent days, with the relaxation of closings, locks and lockdowns, Apple is informing of the reopening of the Apple Stores in Italy. At the beginning of the pandemic, Apple was among the very first companies to announce the total closure of its stores, indeed, in our country, the company's communication arrived a few hours before the ministerial decree that imposed the total lockdown: now that closures and restrictions are removed, the multinational of Cupertino informs that starting from next week several Apple Stores in Italy will reopen and that it will be possible to return to visit them, especially for assistance and advice.

Of course, it will also be possible to make purchases, but for this purpose the company advises when possible to make online purchases to reduce the turnout in the points of sale to protect customers and employees more safety. We will be able to return to the Apple Stores in Italy from Tuesday 19 May, but not in all the stores of the Cupertino retail chain.With the lightening of the lockdowns, we return to Apple stores in Italy

Of all the 17 stores now active in our country, on Tuesday May 19th the reopening concerns ten Apple Store stores in Italy, in practically all regions of our country with the exception of those in Lombardy and Piedmont: the communication comes directly from Apple via the page web dedicated to retail stores. The reopening will take place with all the special preventive and health protection measures already scrupulously observed by Apple in China, South Korea, Australia, Austria, Germany and in the other countries where activity has resumed, including some US states.

This means only one open entrance manned by an employee for the detection of the temperature of the patrons, maximum limit for the number of people present at all times, social distancing between employees and visitors, obligation of masks and gloves, hand disinfection stations , cleaning and disinfection several times a day of all devices exposed to the public.With the lightening of the lockdowns, we return to Apple stores in Italy

Always as happened in the other states previously, also with the reopening of the Apple Stores in Italy on May 19th, reduced hours will be followed: From 11 in the morning to 19 in the evening. Keeping in mind that Apple scrupulously adheres to the provisions of the government in all the countries in which it is present with its chain of retail stores, in the next hours and days we will be able to know when the Apple Stores will reopen in Lombardy and Piedmont. Discussions on the day and the methods of reopening in the two Italian regions most affected by the pandemic are still ongoing.

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