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With the 1000 days Mellin app, tips for mothers and menus for children

With the 1000 days Mellin app, tips for mothers and menus for children

1000 days lapp course designed by Mellin to offer mothers over 200 nutritional tips, 2500 weekly menus designed for each phase of the child's growth and weaning and many video recipes. For novice mothers with baby food and organization of a balanced and balanced diet for the baby, going from freeze-dried, homogenized, semolina, rice creams and fresh food, 1000 days course turns the iPhone into an indispensable helper for the elaboration of schemes and tables .

1000 days of Mellin path very easy to use. After registering, just choose the phase the baby is going through, the breastfeeding method used and then set the weekly menus. The mothers can at any time modify the proposed meals with new ingredients, organize the weekly shopping list with a few taps and, if the family expands, manage the profiles of several children at the same time.

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Lapp by Mellin also has a section dedicated to expectant expectant mothers, who will be able to consult on iPhone tips, suggestions and video tutorials that will accompany them during the week-by-week pregnancy period.

1000 days course, developed by Mellin in collaboration with doctor Silvia Scaglioni, pediatrician expert in nutrition, and contains scientific contents approved by the Italian Society of Pediatrics.

Mellin Lapp for iPhone can be downloaded for free from the Store.

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