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With SBK16 hammer gas even on vacation!

With SBK16 hammer gas even on vacation!

The 2016 Superbike championship is taking a long break after the last round in Laguna Seca, returning to the track only in September for the German GP at the Lausitzring circuit. Although the games seem to be practically closed (only an earthquake could take away the second title from Rea), we can try to reopen the championship during the holidays thanks to the release of the official video game SBK16.

SBKA ride with the ex world champion Sykes.

A bit of history

The Superbike championship was born in the early 70s in the United States to become a real world championship in 1988. In this category only sports bikes derived from mass production can participate: to understand each other better, the same that we can admire in dealers' salons, subject to some changes to ensure maximum safety during track sessions.

SBKDucati, the Italian pride and historical brand of the category, are also present in SBK16.

SBK16 the evolution of the previous chapters released during the last championships. Once launched, we will be able to choose which game mode to try: the championship, play a quick race, perform a test ride (which allows you to unlock the advertisements) or make a time attack to improve the lap time. Before getting on the motorbike, don't forget to choose the right set-up: in the options we will have 10 control configurations available.

SBKThere will be 10 control options to ensure the best possible driving.

Graphics and audio

In any race mode, we will have the opportunity to choose all the saddles of the bikes present at the start of each track of the SBK world championship and identify ourselves with the riders that we value most. Aprilia, Ducati, Yamaha, BMW, Honda, Kawasaki and MV Agusta: nothing is missing. Once our choices are made, we will be ready to give gas.

SBKA pity not to see the electronic dashboard "work"!

The very positive graphic impact: the attention to detail was really well done, both as regards the bike and the rider, and for the tracks, faithfully reproduced in all respects (escape routes, layouts and stands on the track). Small note: the dashboard during the on-board shot does not provide any response, too bad.

SBKThe German GP will race in September, but with SBK16 we can already get on track!

Unfortunately, the audio is not perfect: in certain situations it seems to hear the "roar" of the old motorsport video games of the early 2000s, where the gas did not have a wide sound range. But in the end, what matters is to get in front of everyone.

SBKIn Time Attack mode we will have to run against ourselves to always improve!


The approach to the game changer depending on the type of control you have chosen: using the gyroscope you will have a little more work to do to tame all the horses of the bike, while choosing the virtual joystick you will have the advantage of having everything on the screen within reach tap. There are also hybrid solutions, i.e. gyroscope + virtual command or vice versa. In the upper left part we will have the current position, in the center the number of laps and on the right the map of the track and speed.

SBKHere's what SBK16 gameplay looks like.

Riding a motorbike is not a walk, and during each session we will always have to be focused on the track: if in the Fast Race mode we have a strong attitude towards the arcade, in the Championship things will become a little more complicated to deal with, with the real champions always ready to do the difference.

SBKDo you want a night race? Losail what is right for you!


Overall SBK16 can become an excellent pastime for our summer breaks, even if the developers could have extended the possibility of choosing the corollary categories to Superbike (Supersport and Superstock), very popular and appreciated by fans. Advertising is unfortunately a little too invasive, but by engaging in test ride mode it can be eliminated: otherwise, only 2.99 will suffice.

SBKThe umbrella also reminds you: just a little effort and you can unlock the version without advertising. What more could you ask for?

During the last few hours, several complaints have been reported by users regarding continuous crashes during the opening or gameplay: it seems that the alarm has returned and everything works perfectly. Compatible with Android 4.0.3 and later devices, we leave you the badge to download it from the Play Store, and quoting Nico Cereghini, we recommend:lights on, even during the day; helmet on his head, well tied and prudent, ALWAYS.

SBK16 Official Mobile Game

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