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With Opera and against Microsoft also the Muppets

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New release of Opera for Windows. Version 7.0, which we could define 7.01, presented in the morning, not for the purpose of conquering a new slice of users or improving the quality of navigation, but only to reaffirm how the contents of the sites can be manipulated and "expropriated" by those who create the software for their vision.

To achieve this, Opera uses, in fact, a new version of its browser and a good dose of humor by targeting its opponent, Microsoft.

Opera 7.0, in fact, if you visit the MSN page, instead of the normal web content, it presents disconnected phrases in a Swedish-like gramelot that closely resembles the "non-speeches" of the Swedish chef of the Muppet Show.

The puppet, very dear to fans of the series, based his comedy on cooking lessons and completely incomprehensible speeches, which he presented to the public and was also known as "Bork Bork Bork" and just Opera "Bork edition" is called the new version of the browser.

In recent days Opera had denounced Microsoft's choice to send an incomprehensible style sheet to MSN surfers using its browser that blocked the vision of the site. An "incorrect" move – Opera said – which aims to make our navigator appear buggy and inefficient "

"The release of Opera" Bork edition "obviously a joke – says Mary Lambert, Opera desktop product line manager – but which wants to recall a fundamental fact. The success of the Internet, on the other hand, depends on the correctness of the software and content developers who must overcome industrial rivalry "