Insta360 Pro Google Street View

With Insta360 Pro everyone can now contribute to Google Street View

Google will allow everyone to contribute to Street View, just have the right hardware like the Insta360 Pro camera

Google has a new program called Street View ready that will make it possible for everyone to contribute to the Street View database, until now only assembled using official Google cars equipped with a 360-degree camera, thanks to the Insta360 Pro camera.

Insta360 Pro, features

The first camera that officially reports the Street View ready the Insta360 Pro, the 8k camera at 360 degrees capable of capturing images at 5 frames per second and that has the image stabilization in real time.

Insta360 Pro Google Street View

Insta360 Pro, governable directly from the Street View app

Google can control the Insta360 Pro directly from the Street View application and also allow the device to capture photos and videos and upload them from the official Insta360 Stitcher program. The shooting mode a 5 frames per second at 8k a new function that is added to the room via a specially developed software update to capture content for Street View; even a new USB accessory will be distributed by Insta360 to be able to automatically add GPS coordinates to the data of the images taken.

With Insta360 Pro Street View you will reach inaccessible places

This new program seems an interesting way to allow adventurous people to contribute to the Street View images database and help Google cover territories that are not always easily accessible by its teams, including land accessible to specific organizations that want to document the area for research purposes. Google has launched in a few collaborations in this regard in the past, including the Sheep View project, but this novelty could lead to a broader collaboration scheme, always within the limits of the expenditure required to have the expensive Insta360 pro hardware.

Insta360 Pro, the price is not low

The camera available for a price of $ 3,499 in the United States and the only Street View ready hardware currently available certified by Google, but Google will make the device more accessible by lending it to qualified individuals and organizations on occasion.

Insta360 Pro Google Street View