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With i2010 the EU also combines digital music online

The i2010 initiative of the European Union could lead to a revolution for those who use online digital music stores: the union of national licenses into one for all member countries.

Now the view, speaking of the iTunes Music Store, consists of 15 iTunes for EU countries plus one for Switzerland and one for Norway that are out of it. Tomorrow there may be a single entity under the blue flag with the twelve little gold stars in the circle, every European citizen will enjoy the same rights and duties and will probably have a richer music list available, which will sum up the availability of the individual lists nations.

Music publishers instead of collecting fifteen different royalty from each state will collect only one cumulative and not from fifteen states but from all twenty-five members, which would mean for Apple a direct transition to the sale of music to the entire EU, including the "New" Eastern European states recently added to Europe.

So far, the European Commission has distinguished itself by increasing bureaucracies, if what was promised with the i2010 initiative – A European Information Society for Growth and Employment (102 KB) were to occur, it would be a real breakthrough that overturns the kind of satisfaction received from the citizens of the EU. European Commissioner Viviane Reding is working directly on it.

In 2000 in Lisbon the Lisbon Strategy was outlined by the members of the EU and the 2010 date was set as a deadline to dislodge European economic stagnation by creating new jobs. In these "last" five years the EU aims at the infrastructure of the information society as a new resource, here are the next objectives: – "2005" modern rules on multimedia services – "2006" update of the rules for electronic communications and information strategy society secure – "2007" a global approach to the effective interoperability of digital rights management

The first proposal for “pan-European royalty” is expected next autumn, which will arise from the various consultations underway during the summer.

All the players in the sector say they are in favor of the single license … surely so are the end users.