Google Duo

With Google Duo we will have simple and reliable video calls

Today was the day of the presentation of Google Duo, application announced during the latest Google I / O. Surely it will not be an app that will upset our habits through some particular innovation, but it will certainly offer the opportunity to make video calls between different devices in the simplest and most convenient way possible.

The universe of apps dedicated to video calls is very rich and it is not difficult to find alternatives: just do a little research inside the Play Store to understand how vast the offer is. Often, however, they are not all clear and immediate for use: precisely in this Google Duo will try to make a difference, making the operation as simple as making a classic phone call.

In addition to making this possible on devices with different operating systems (Cross-platform), Google Duo does not need to have an account in order to perform a video telephone call: simply having the phone number of the person with whom you want to communicate, dial it (or recall it from the address book) and give a lok with a tap.

Google DuoThe Knock Knock function (our toc toc) will allow us to receive a preview of what we will see.

The function Knock Knock it will allow us to visualize even before answering what the calling number is transmitting to us. Duo is an intelligent app that will dynamically change the quality of the videos according to the goodness of the network you are using, and make perfect switches from mobile network to Wi-Fi. Google ensures that it will function properly even in the presence of networks with weak signals or not particularly fast connections.

These functions will be guaranteed thanks to the use of the protocol HERE C (Quick UDP Internet Connections) developed by Google itself and thanks to the use of encryption end-to-end user privacy will always be safe.

Lintuitivit remains however the workhorse of Google Duo. Being a cross-platform app (currently only the Windows Phone version is missing) it guarantees that it can communicate to all compatible mobile devices without brand restrictions. For those who have no patience to wait for the release on the Play Store, you can download the APK here. We are already in the testing phase: have you already downloaded it?

Google Duo: high quality video calls

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