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With Database Builder comes the revolution for iPod shuffle

after we transform the way of use of the shuffle into that of Mp3 player like all the others. That is, a disk that loads on the desk and to load the music just drag it inside, without having to manage it all the time through iTunes.

Thanks to the multi-platform program of a German developer, Martin J. Fiedler, possible. The programmer has developed a system to re-create the database compatible with the small iPod shuffle processor even without using iTunes. In this way, to add music to the small digital player, just mount it on the desk like any USB key (both in Mac and Linux and Windows) and drag the songs onto it without problems with the folders in which they are contained.

The free software, iPod shuffle Database Builder and an explanation on how to use it here and allows to simplify (even if on Mac it is appropriate to use the Terminal to execute all the times the script) the job of management of the small one of the house of Cupertino. Obviously, not having been able to test the script, Macity does not assume any responsibility for the effects and possible damages that our readers may incur. We report it but if you try it, in short, you do it at your own risk …