With 1keyboard we use the Mac keyboard on the iPhone iPad Android and PS3

With 1keyboard we use the Mac keyboard on the iPhone iPad Android and PS3

Starting from macOS 10.10 Yosemite is iOS 8, Apple has made interoperable operations that we can perform seamlessly on different Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and Macs. For example, it is now possible to write SMS directly from the Mac, or answer and initiate calls on the desktop. The objective of Apple clear: if a user is working on the Mac and receives a call or a message on the iPhone, he can answer directly from the Mac without taking his hands off the computer keyboard and take the hand the smartphone.

Not all applications are compatible with this new feature made available by Apple. One of these Whatsapp, which has not released its own app for Mac and that forces us to have to answer from iPhone every time we receive a message when we are working on the Mac. The one I want to talk to you today about an application, available on the Mac App Store, which allows partly solve this problem.

1Keyboard to use the Mac keyboard on iPhone and iPad


The app in question is called 1Keyboard, and its very simple purpose: it allows you to use the Mac keyboard to be able to write messages, notes, etc. both on iPad and on iPhone. This way, if we receive a message on for example Whatsapp, we can type the answer directly from the Mac keyboard. After downloading and starting the application on the Mac, a new icon will appear in the desktop men bar.

How iKeyboard works

By clicking on it and selecting Add a new device .., a screen will appear that suggests how to pair the device on which we want to use the keyboard with the Mac. Among the most interesting aspects of this app, the possibility of using it not only with iOS mobile devices, but also with other devices. For example, 1Keyboard compatible with other desktops, laptops, consoles with bluetooth function.

1Keyboard on bar menuDo this very simple: it will be sufficient to enable the Bluetooth both on the Mac and on the device in question and, from the latter, go to the preferences of the Bluetooth and start pairing with your Mac. Once this is done, the list of connected devices is shown in the men bar.

1Keyboard menuBy clicking on one of them, we can start typing via the Mac keyboard directly on our device. While typing, a box with the name of the connected device will be shown on the screen.

1Keyboard on the mac

To return to using the keyboard to write on the Mac, just simply click the mouse at a random point on the screen. The application works very well, and during my test of typing on an iPhone I found no problems. 1Keyboard, besides being compatible with iPhone is iPad, can be used to write to Apple TV, devices Android and also on PS3. Having a Sony console I wanted to test the operation of 1Keyboard with the latter, but sometimes I had difficulty connecting the Mac with the PS3, but once the connection started I found no lag during typing.

The application is very valid and does very well what it promises. I recommend it to everyone who uses the Mac a lot, they prefer to reply to messages or write text using the computer keyboard. 1Keyboard can be downloaded from Mac App Store at the price of 10.99. You can also use the app for free, but limited in functions.