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Wireless networks up to a mile

Wireless networks up to a mile logomacitynet1200wide 1

At the recent MacWorld in SanFrancisco, Buffalo Technology had presented solutions based on the AirPort standard for wireless networking of various devices.Today Buffalo returns to the limelight by announcing AirStation Pro LAN bridge, a new bridge that extends the range of wireless networks well beyond 50 meters canons, going up to about a mile, over 1.6 kilometers. In the press release the technology used is not expressly mentioned, but almost certainly they are the same standards as AirPort, the connection band in fact of 11 Mbit, the same as AirPort , as well as other products of the company are perfectly compatible with Apple devices. Buffalo itself also offers a print server always on wireless technology that will allow you to share a traditional printer on the same network. Finally, in the press release, the company announces also a USB client compatible with the announced technologies, a device that will also render r easier access to wireless networks even from older machines. The compatibility of the various devices, when not working directly with the system software, has been announced for the Mac, Windows and Unix platforms, which suggests a full compatibility also with OS X.

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