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Wireless headphones for iPod

Wireless headphones for iPod logomacitynet1200wide 1

Logitech today announced the wireless stereo headphones for iPod.

The accessory allows you to listen to music without being physically connected to the player thanks to a Bluetooth wireless transmission system.

Headphones are the type that sit anatomically behind the head and use the upper part of the ears for support. The rechargeable type battery (both for headphones and for the adapter that can be recharged together), the range of about ten meters. For each recharge, the listening time is eight hours. The weight of the headphones is around 90 grams.

Logitech points out that, although it is a wireless system, it is not necessary to manually couple the transmitter and receiver that are already paired at the factory.

Logitech has tried to follow the stylistic trend of the iPod and created the headphones and controls following the trend of the Apple player.

The sale will start in July, both in the USA and in Europe. The price for our market has not yet been announced; in America the recommended price of 125 dollars.

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