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Wireless depopulated in hotels (and not only).

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The computer nomad will never be alone when choosing a hotel with Wi-Fi equipment to stay connected to the web even away from home.

After the announcement at the end of December by Marriott that it will add wireless to its internet connections in the hotels it owns, now Starwood's time (a total of 750 structures in 80 countries of the world with the brands Sheraton, Westin, Four Points , St. Regis, W Hotels and the prestigious hotels of The Luxury Collection line) which in collaboration with Intel will do something similar in 150 of its hotels in the USA, with the Sheraton, Westin and W Hotels brands (especially in the halls and other common areas , since many cameras already enjoy the system via Ethernet or USB).

In the official press release it is important to always mention only the generic wireless standard IEEE 802.11, which collects different types under the Wi-Fi denomination, this because the technological partner Intel aims many of its hopes in IEEE 802.11a even if IEEE 802.11b de facto the current standard, while IEEE 802.11g (what Apple uses in the new AirPort Extreme).

Intel recently announced Centrino, a future notebook processor that integrates wireless functions in the IEEE 802.11 standard.

According to a recent survey by In-Stat / MDR (purchasable at the modest price of $ 3,195 for all 65 pages of the volume), the business market for Wi-Fi products grew by 65% ​​in 2002, compared to the previous year, with 11, 6 million units in circulation, the domestic market instead made a leap of 160% with 6.8 million pieces sold. To help this growth, the progressive lowering of the prices of IEEE 802.11b products, while the "Achilles heel" is still the lack of multimedia support.