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Windows 10, all the tricks to use it to the fullest

Windows 10 Snap

Windows 10 an operating system now widely tested. Officially released in mid-2015, it can still periodically benefit from various updates that make it more current as well as powerful and practical.

Gradually, update after update, this OS has been improved by the developers and, nowadays, it involves a series of almost limitless functions. Its main difference from the previous versions is the flow of updates which, every six months, renew the same. Regardless of the version chosen, be it Home, Pro or Enterprise, in this article we will analyze which are the main gimmicks to be able to take advantage of Windows 10 to its fullest potential.

windows 10 october 2018

The main tricks to use Windows 10 to the fullest

Below, we will therefore illustrate some of the most interesting introductions that have involved the operating system produced by Microsoft. Even before delving into the topic, let's remember how extremely useful it is to know the most useful Keyboards Shortcuts on Windows 10 in order to better manage your operating system without even having to touch the mouse!

Snap function

The Snap function is one of many that was introduced already at the time of the launch of the operating system. It is a practical method to better manage the windows on the desktop. In fact, when there are multiple windows and applications open at the same time, you can drag a window in the foreground to one side of the screen, so that it occupies half of it.

In order to achieve this, just do it Win and the Right directional arrow or Win and the Left directional arrow. For space reasons, the above option is not suitable for all applications. In any case, it allows you to manage up to four at the same time.

Use emojis

It may not be one of the most sensational innovations of the last operating system of the Windows dynasty, but it is still a tasty feature to take advantage of. The introduction of emoji in fact, a small graphical improvement linked to this OS.

With the cursor positioned in any writing field, a simple click of the right mouse button, followed by the selection of the emoji voice, is enough to open a menu. Through this you can select one or more from the hundreds and hundreds of icons available.

Access to the operating system by fingerprint (or other alternative methods)

With Windows 10, a system has also been integrated that allows you to start your computer through the Fingerprints. Obviously you need an appropriate peripheral that is capable of scanning the impressions.

If so, you can activate this function through the pathStart Settings Access options and then selecting specifically the access mode. As you can see in the image below, the options in this regard are certainly not lacking. In addition to fingerprints, in fact, it is possible to access the operating system through face detection, the classic password, a graphic password, a security key or a PIN code.

Access options

Activity View

By pressing the icon on the taskbar, can access the Activity View. This is another way to creatively manage currently open windows and applications.

In this case, the user will have a global view of everything that is open as if it were a large mosaic, being able to select any open window / software to access it. As easy to guess, this is the ideal solution for those who tend to open a very large number of windows.

Virtual desktops

Always for those who have to manage a lot of work at the same time, adopt one or more Virtual desktops can be extremely useful. In some respects, this feature represents a further evolution of Activity View.

In fact, it ensures greater organization of its work area, keeping an even greater number of applications open, always under control. How to use Virtual Desktops? Just click on the icon that shows this definition inside the taskbar. It will therefore be possible to create new desktops, where to catalog applications in an extremely personalized way.

In the first desktop, for example, you can manage word processors or similar applications, in the second Google Chrome, Youtube, Facebook is Twitterin the third, other types of software.

The taskbar and the Start menu, can confuse those who recently moved to this operating system. Especially the menu just mentioned, it can look very different than the one in Windows 7.

To manage the size of the menu, you need to click on the Windows symbol in the lower left and select with the mouse the upper right corner of the menu that has just opened. In this way it is possible to customize its dimensions, simply by moving the pointer. To get a full screen menu, you need to right click on the menu and then choose the item Customize. Here you can select Start and then Use the full screen mode for Start.

Also under Customize, you can further customize the menu with regard to colors and icons through the numerous items present.

Touchpad tricks

Windows 10 an operating system deeply linked to the world of laptops too. So ithe touchpad been particularly cared for by the developers. The potential of this component of the laptops has therefore been significantly enhanced with this OS.

Horizontal scrolling with three fingers, for example, allows you to click between open windows. Scrolling down with three fingers, however, allows you to view the desktop. To cancel the operation, simply swipe up with three fingers.

Scrolling up with three fingers you can activate the aforementioned Activity Display function. To cancel the operation, simply swipe down with three fingers.

Night light

Using the computer for a long period of time at night can be harmful to your eyes in the long term. Windows 10 for, even in this case, goes to the rescue of users with a very special special function. Thanks to this, in fact, it is possible to manage the light emission of the screen to make it less tiring in the absence of daylight.

In this regard, it is useful to go in StartSettings and under Find setting, to type Night light. Here you can manage it, choosing at what times to activate it.


Minimize all inactive windows

Order on their desktop, for many users pure and simple utopia. In this sense, Windows 10 offers several interesting solutions.

It can be particularly useful, for example, to reduce all open windows (except the one currently active) with a simple action. In fact, just click on the title bar of the window you want to keep open, keep the button pressed and move it in all directions, as if to shake it. After a few movements, the windows will be minimized making the desktop slightly tidier at least temporarily.

Take a partial screenshot of the screen

Capture a screen of your uncomplicated desktop since, from various versions of Windows, you can do it simply by using the button Stamp. How to capture only part of the screen?

Windows 10, in this sense, offers an extremely useful function. By pressing the key combination Windows + Shift + S in fact, the screen darkens and a small arrow appears instead of the cursor. By holding down the left mouse button, you can select the portion to be captured. Once the mouse is released, the part of the screen included in the drawn rectangle will be saved on the clipboard, and then be pasted into any image editing software.