Will TSMC open a chip manufacturing facility in Arizona, including for iPhones?

Will TSMC open a chip manufacturing facility in Arizona, including for iPhones?

TSMC, the world's largest independent semiconductor manufacturer and one of Apple's largest suppliers, will open a chip manufacturing facility in Arizona.

To report the news The Wall Street Journal explaining that the official communication will arrive shortly after decisions taken at the last board meeting. At best, the structure should be operational from the end of 2023. The new production plants should deal with technology with a 5nm production process, the "node" that is currently considered the most efficient from the point of view of consumption and that of ensure the best performance.

The future Apple iPhones 2020 arriving in the autumn will take advantage of the A14 chip, a SoC designed by Apple and built by TSMC with 5nm technology and whose production is expected to begin in the second half of this year. It is not currently known whether TSMC has obtained incentives from the US government but a few days ago the White House urged semiconductor companies such as Intel and TSMC to restart the development of new chip factories in the US, highlighting a concern about addictions. from Asia as a source of supply of critical technologies.

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In addition to national security issues, a chip foundry typically employs hundreds of people. There had been rumors in the past of the construction of a TSMC factory in the USA, but the transfer of part of the production would entail enormous costs and sacrifices, problems that could be overcome with incentives from the American administration.

It is estimated that approximately 65% ​​of TSMC's turnover is generated by orders from US companies, so the plan to create a TSMC factory in the USA could be justified, although the built processors must then be shipped to assemblers and builders mostly concentrated in China and Asia.

According to some, the true needle of the balance could be Apple: a stronger and more direct presence with a TSMC factory in Arizona at home would allow us to better serve Apple orders and at the same time to respond to the requests of President Donald Trump, worried about anything produced outside the USA, including electrical equipment connected to the network.

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