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Will the new G4 and iMac arrive next week?

In the whirlwind of the Macworld announcements, everyone forgot about the two keynote stone guests, the iMac and the G4.The desktop machines were to be announced, according to some rumors, precisely in the context of the San Francisco event, but they did not are seen.

According to some sites dedicated to indiscretions, this did not happen due to Apple's willingness to liquidate, at least partially, the warehouse stocks at retailers.

The clarification (from retailers) is very important because, from what Macity has learned, it does not appear that Apple has any models of iMac and G4 in stock. Sources who prefer to remain anonymous, in fact, have let us know that the shopkeepers who have tried to have directly from Apple, in recent days, both the iMac and the Pro machines have learned that for now we are not talking about deliveries and that the only one so to have this type of CPU you need to contact the distributors.

The fact that Apple no longer has a certain type of product available, usually the signal that something is about to happen and as this situation persists before Macworld it is easy to predict that this 'something' that the release of the new range should come pretty soon.

Soon how much?

Most rumors assume that new G4s and iMacs are likely to arrive early next week, between Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd January. Dates that appear plausible if combined with the news that Apple will release the new iLife suite on January 25 and for downloading the updates of iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie. It seems reasonable to think that at that juncture they also appear on new machines.

If you want to indulge yourself further and predict how the new machines will be, you can think, in light of what has been seen in San Francisco, that the G4 could present some of the novelties seen on the PowerBook 17: FireWire 2 and integrated Bluetooth (although the wireless system does not appear essential for a desktop machine). We could see a speed bump of the processors (brought to 1.4 or 1.5 GHz) and news in the HD. As for the video card, you can imagine the arrival of the Radeon 9500, at least on the high-end model. The 1.2 GHz model should remain on the market to guarantee a product capable of booting from Mac OS 9 in the price list.

As for the iMac, among voices thinking about the elimination of the 15-inch model and the arrival of a 19-inch one, the most likely hypothesis remains a speed bump with two models, one 800 MHz and one 933 MHz, with the entry level always equipped with a 15-inch screen (to guarantee a low price) and the 933 one in two versions, DVD and DVD burner combined with CD + RW.

And always to stay on the subject of rumors, it should also be noted that from different parts of the network there are rumors of a revision of the Titanium. The 15-inch laptop would be revised by adopting the aeronautical aluminum case of the 17 model and equipped with a 15.4-inch screen, then inserting FireWire 2 and Bluetooth inside it.

All that remains is to wait and see.