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Will the iPhone bring "hard" content to the mobile market?

The porn market looks to the iPhone. The interest of the video and adult content business towards Apple's mobile phone is emerging in the context of the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE), a specialized exhibition held in Las Vegas.

To underline the topic, certainly not of little interest if you think of the weight that the red light business has in the affirmation of new technologies (just consider how much the choice for Vhs pes in the defeat of Betamax, for example), an article published by PcMagazine which interviewed several producers and creators of sites prohibited to minors who believe that iPhone is able to clear customs, after browsing online on a portable device, the porn itself, enjoyed via mobile. Despite the importance in terms of turnover and customers, the frontier of pornography has not yet managed to affect the mobile phone sector, perhaps due to the absence of a real material distribution channel (carriers are certainly not very inclined to make room for this type of content) and for the lack of technology. iPhone could circumvent, according to those who work in this business, at least the second problem.

Some sites are already gearing up to adapt their content to the Apple terminal, facilitating access via the iPhone interface, which is immediate and simple to use, as well as supported by a respectable screen. The Pink Visual site, for example, was the first to release a version of its pages adapted to the Apple mobile phone. XTube is working on a specialized site for iPhone which has the advantage of having a large diffusion and being substantially a standard product.

To go one step further, there should be a qualitative leap from the hardware point of view. Ali Joone, co-founder of the adult brand Digital Playground, thinks that the current screen is not entirely suitable for pornographic content. Too little privacy; a wide viewing angle an advantage if you want to use the phone to view content for everyone, a flaw to see pornographic content.

Other managers in the industry, like Joanna Angel, are wondering how to make money. And there are doubts about whether iPhone, a tool for mobility, can make sense given that those who watch pornographic content are certainly not inclined to do so in public.

Apple, for its part, has not made any comments on the subject, it is very difficult that porn sites can somehow get help from Cupertino.