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Will the iPhone 4 line problem be resolved with an update?

Will the iPhone 4 line problem be resolved with an update? – Macitynet.it

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We have already told you in abundance about the reception problem that afflicts the new iPhone 4 and that has been around the web since the first buyers got their hands on the device. "Death Grip", they call it. Well, many clues suggest that it is not just a hardware problem, as many think, as regards software: a bug in the firmware which, according to what was written in an article appeared on Apple Insider, would be corrected with an imminent update. Apple representatives on the tech support forum said this before the messages were suspiciously deleted.

iOS 4.0.1 should see light already from next week, solving a software defect that concerns the change of frequencies and that leads the new iPhone model to report the absence of field, rather than switching to the frequency with the best signal.

Recall that at least from official statements, Apple does not consider this problem a "defect" but the inevitable consequence of the contact between the human body and the antenna. Jobs himself in an email response would have ruled out that it is a bug by pointing the index to other phones that behave the same way. The two positions (that of those who claim that an update will come to fix the bug and that of Apple) do not seem easily reconciled

The hope of a large number of customers obviously hopes that the rumors spread by AppleInsider are right and they look with confidence and a little trepidation on Monday.

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