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Will Skype use the FaceTime protocol?

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Will Skype use the FaceTime protocol? –

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According to reports from the Pocket-Link website, Skype would be interested in exploiting FaceTime, the video calling technology that will be integrated into the iPhone 4. Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, during the keynote yesterday had mentioned the intention to make the protocol free and usable by third parties; according to the sources reported on the site in question, Skype would see a serious opportunity in technology and the system could therefore be integrated into future versions of Skype for iPhone and other devices (TV and desktop computer applications in the first place).

The standard would be relatively easy to implement, being based on SIP, a call establishment standard commonly used in IP or VoIP telephony applications. Developers should integrate H.264 encoding for video streams and AAC for audio into the software, standards not necessarily royalty-free but protected and guaranteed on which any manufacturer can rely without risk.

Skype already offers a video calling system in the software of the same name for Windows and Mac and has also created specific software for the Nokia N900.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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