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Will it be the week of the new iPods?

Apple for the fourth consecutive week could launch an upgrade of its products. Interested in the update, after the G4, the iMac and the Xserve would be iPod.

To claim that the MP3 player, perhaps even today or tomorrow, will be renewed are some American Internet sites that claim to have had information in this sense from reliable sources.

Signs in this regard have, in fact, intensified over the previous weeks when we learned of Toshiba's release of a 40 GB version of the disc used in iPods. At the same time, Apple has not delivered 5 GB iPods for over a month now, claiming that the Christmas request led to the exhaustion of stocks. In reality, it seems rather likely that Cupertino has decided not to order the 5 GB disks anymore (in view of the discontinuation of their production) precisely to migrate the range to a new version of the iPod.

At the moment the sites dedicated to indiscretions are not unbalanced on the specifications of the new readers which may not even have any significant software and hardware news simply by updating the high-end model to 40 GB and canceling the low-end model from 5 GB. There is a possibility that Apple may introduce a model with FireWire 2 (perhaps the 40 GB one)

Another consideration that must be taken into account that not at all said that the update of the iPod will take place within the week. In fact, some sites suggest that Apple may choose to postpone the presentation. After all, if there really are no hardware innovations, there is no hurry in this field. Contrary to what happened for the G4 and iMacs that were now out of stock in the Cupertino warehouses while the few still present in the channels had different specifications from those coming soon.