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Will it be the week of the new iMacs?

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If last week was the week of the G4, what opens today could be the week of the new iMacs.

Indeed, more and more insistent voices are fixing the release of the new series of consumer-grade computers for the next few days. Among the most accredited hypotheses we point out the one that wants the arrival of iMacs between tomorrow and Wednesday.

Delivery times on AppleStore, which have jumped to over two weeks, suggest that the hypothesis of the launch of new iMacs is reliable.

We can only speculate on how they will be and what the new features of the new generation iMacs will be, perhaps following what happened in the field of Pro machines.

The speed bump, for example, could bring the iMac close to the GHz threshold with 933 MHz processors. The 700 MHz model replaced with a 733 or maybe 800 MHz one could be canceled. Evaluating this perspective, it should always be considered that Apple it needs a low cost entry level model and it may be essential not to project the processor speeds beyond a level such that their price could end up having a decisive impact on the final price list.

Over the past few weeks, rumors that Apple is also introducing a 19-inch model seem to have completely subsided. In their place, the belief that if it is true that the 17 model will become the standard, a model with a 15-inch screen will hardly disappear (again for reasons of cost).

The other variations would be minimal. The launch of a Bluetooth and Airport Extreme option is expected. Possible but not very probable (for engineering complications) a motherboard with new memories. The appearance of FireWire 800 is unlikely: this is another case in which it remains to be seen whether Apple will apply some modifications to the motherboard to integrate the new implementation of the standard: the absence of fast firewire on the PowerBook 12 ″ somehow suggests that even consumer models may not be equipped with it.

Price drop across the board possible. At the moment the iMacs do not appear competitive with the G4s in this respect and from what has been understood over the past few months, the aggressiveness on costs now an integral part of Cupertino's strategies.

Recall that, according to some rumors, the coming week could also present with the launch of the new iMac also that of new eMac.