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Wi-Fi: those who search, find … wireless networks with the sniffer.

Wi-Fi: those who search, find … wireless networks with the sniffer. – Macitynet.it

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Not an object seen in "Mission: impossible" for two reasons, the show has for some decades now ended filming and lives only on the dusty afternoons of La7, the Wi-Fi networks were unknown in the sixties. Wi-Fi Sniffer of an unknown Singapore company, the iDetect (of which there is no other trace than the link to the site: http://www.idetect.com.sg), a Wi-Fi network signaler with lots of LED that indicates the signal strength in the specific area. Who can be useful? Anyone who wants to find a wireless network and illegally take advantage of it by simply entering it if not protected or with methods that are not perfectly legal if closed by security systems. It is therefore an illegal product, such as those notorious Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčCamera detectors which, deluded improvised urban Formula 1 drivers. , were they hoping to dodge fines or license withdrawals? It seems that the sale of the "Wi-Fi Sniffer, model WSF-1" is absolutely regular, also because it could prove to be a useful system for network administrators (in this case wireless) who go looking for coverage in their areas of work competence and possibly become aware of the geographical limits of the network. Curious the form, there is currently no news regarding any Italian importers.

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