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Where to buy Windows 10 for less?

How to activate the "Find My Device" feature on Windows 10

With Windows 7 ready for retirement, buy Windows 10 spending little has become a real priority for many users.

The Microsoft operating system in fact sold, in the form of an activation code, on various platforms. Very often, however, these are not exactly legal keys or which, in any case, over time can lead to problems of various kinds.

In this article for, we will discuss a safe and at the same time inexpensive solution for anyone looking to replace their operating system.

install windows 10

Buying Windows 10 for less: less than 15 euros …

As already mentioned, Windows 7 is no longer a secure platform. Without the updates from Microsoft, users are slowly moving towards the (few) alternatives available.

The most savvy have already put their hand on some distribution Linux among the many available, while the most fond of Windows are working to find a key for Windows 10. The only problem in this sense that these really cost a lot!

One of the main solutions to this need is, a Hong Kong platform that offers a series of software at advantageous prices. This type of site buys keys in industrial quantities (managing to raise substantial discounts) and then resells the licenses to users.

Specifically, as regards Windows 10, G2DEAL offers the following offers:

Obviously, as it has been possible to see with the aforementioned list, the platform also offers a series of software / bundles that go beyond the operating system we are talking about.

Why is the need to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10 so urgent?

Microsoft has long announced that, as of February 2020, it would no longer update Windows 7. The cessation of updates actually marks the "death" of the beloved operating system.

We were thrown into despair by a large number of users who, for years, had now chosen this OS for their work or game. In fact, it should be said that, despite the passing of the years, this was still deeply appreciated by users.

Although this works and will still function regularly, it will quickly become vulnerable to hackers and various types of issues. In fact, even if it shouldn't be a big problem for a few months, anyone who uses this OS must find an alternative shortly.

To be honest, Microsoft hasn't quite finished supporting its operating system. This, however, will now be exclusive to companies willing to pay a monthly fee to keep their operating system functioning. For us ordinary mortals, however, the only operation is to look around to find a worthy replacement.

Opting for Windows 10 is the simplest option, as it is the natural evolution of what was Windows 7.