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Apple is serious this time and goes to legal ways to stop the leak that, before the Keynote in New York, revealed in advance the characteristics of the new machines that the company would present. It announces a meager launch by the agency of Reuters press reports that the complaint was sent to the Santa Clara county court. Apple's lawyers would have asked for an injunction to stop further disclosure of industrial secrets, but also for economic compensation. The lawsuit, made against anonymous persons, refers as mentioned to the Cube advances that had appeared on many Internet sites a few days before the opening of the MacWorld Expo. Indiscretions that in the first instance had seemed unreliable but then increasingly seemed to be founded. The certainty that these were not mere fantasies occurred when several sites appeared on several Internet pages accompanied by details and sketches of the Cube. Most likely Apple suspects that only one person or, in any case, only one source spreads the information. Hence the decision to take legal action. If the investigations reach the actual responsible for the leak, the culprit would risk a great deal. American law severely punishes those who seize and disseminate industrial secrets, even if they become aware of it (as probably in our case) directly from its legitimate owner. The most credible hypothesis, in fact, that Apple for understandable reasons (the printing of promotional material, for example) has been forced to show the Cube to a very selected audience, doing to sign a so-called NDA, Non Disclosure Agreement, which prohibits the dissemination of the news learned. Obviously someone has violated this NDA or directly, posting the information to websites, or guarding the material and information without due care. For the websites that published the information, however, the risks would be much reduced. An amendment to the US constitution protects the freedom of the press as severely as it punishes those who steal trade secrets.

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