WhatsApp works on video calls with multiple people

WhatsApp works on video calls with multiple people

Stuck at home, the apps to communicate help for work, school and also to keep in touch with friends and family but, never as in these days of coronavirus emergency, we feel a little too tight the maximum limit of four people of WhatsApp for videos calls.

It is no coincidence that precisely coinciding with the extension of locks and lockdowns in Italy and in the world, users who turn to Google Meet, Skype, Zoom and other platforms still able to support a greater number of users for calls have increased dramatically. group. For days, advances have been circulating that indicate WhatsApp, part of the Facebook group, at work on this front: now a discovery confirms the good news and also the possible arrival, hopefully shortly, of the news.

WhatsApp works on video calls with multiple people

So far, in fact, only rumors have circulated about it, but in the past few hours clues have been found in the beta version of WhatsApp for developers and testers that indicate the arrival of video calls for up to 8 people. The discovery also confirmed by a screen discovered within the code that refers to WhatsApp video calls for up to 8 people, as shown in the image that we report from Webetainfo. The message informs that it will be possible to do so provided that all users are equipped with the latest and most recent version of the app.

We are still far from the video call parties up to 100 possible participants with Zoom, but this platform has recently been criticized for privacy and security issues, so much so that many users have decided before using it and shortly after to abandon it in a hurry. However, the novelty in progress in WhatsApp for video calls up to 8 people represents the doubling compared to the current limit, with in addition an advantage that few other competitors can boast, such as direct integration with the user's address book and widespread diffusion on a global scale.

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Unfortunately, only one small, important detail is missing: nobody knows when WhatsApp will make the update available which will extend the limit of participants in video calls. Macitynet will return to talk about it as soon as there is news. All articles dedicated to WhatsApp are available from this page.

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