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WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web: come usare WhatsApp su PC

Before starting, it is important to know that we are talking about WhatsApp, a famous instant messaging application as popular as it has been spread in recent years.

And that becomes WhatsApp Web when, instead of using it as a smartphone, you use it from your PC. Let's see together:

  1. so WhatsApp web?
  2. how does this application work?
  3. how do you use WhatsApp web depending on the type of device?
  4. advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp on the PC
  5. What is the QR code for WhatsApp Web?
  6. FAQ

And many other curiosities to give you a complete picture of this convenient application.

Cos WhatsApp Web?

This is the web application of the beloved WhatsApp, which allows you to stay seated at your PC and, without further program installations, lets you chat with your friends continuing the discussion left on the smartphone. A true holy hand when you have it smartphone in charge too far from your PC station and you need to monitor the status of a group chat!

To start exchanging messages with your friends, you first need to download and install the application immediately after entering the mobile number, and relative code received via SMS, here is your account ready to start sending and receiving free messages. For these modern conversations, however, you need 3 things:

  1. latest generation smartphone that can support WhatsApp;
  2. WiFi or data internet connection;
  3. friends in the address book who use WhatsApp.

If all these assumptions are met, welcome to the WhatsApp Web universe!

How does WhatsApp Web work?

Let's get to the point of the question, and let's try to understand it well how does it work WhatsApp Web. First of all we are talking about a web extension, it means that it is an application to which you can connect simply by opening the browser on your PC.

You are chatting with a friend on WhatsApp from your smartphone and you decide to go to the computer to surf the web, at this point you have two options to continue the conversation directly from the PC:

  1. open the browser you usually use to browse online and connect this address to to continue the chat on the PC;
  2. download and install the WhatsApp application for PC, which allows you to send free text messages from both Windows and Mac.

Attention, however, because it requires the connection of the active smartphone, so whether you want to use it via browser or on your computer, you can't do without your trustworthy mobile device. To authenticate and resume the chat from where you left off, you need to make a identification procedure, which allows WhatsApp Web to understand what account you need to continue your conversations.

WhatsApp Web for Android

To install WhatsApp Web for Android you must:

  1. open the WhatsApp application,
  2. access the menu,
  3. choose WhatsApp Web,
  4. frame the QR code on display on the web page,
  5. let the smartphone focus on the WhatsApp Web QR code,
  6. return to messaging.

WhatsApp Web for iPhone

Also with regards to the use of WhatsApp Web on iPhone, the operations to be performed are similar to those already illustrated, so you will have to:

  1. open the WhatsApp application on the iPhone;
  2. go to the Settings section;
  3. click on WhatsApp web;
  4. frame the QR code shown on the WhatsApp web page in your PC's browser with the iPhone camera;
  5. continue your chats from the application.

WhatsApp Web on iPad

You can take advantage of the same comfort even on iPad, and then continue to chat from the Cupertino tablet. To do this, you will still need to connect to the WhatsApp Web site, but select the desktop mode by tapping on Request desktop site, otherwise the QR code will not be displayed .

Once you have uploaded the WhatsApp Web site, all you have to do is follow the instructions in the previous paragraph and after framing the QR code, you are inside your beloved WhatsApp chat rooms.

From this moment on, you will be able to scroll back through conversations, send or receive attachments such as photos, videos and documents just as if you were using WhatsApp from your smartphone, since everything will be synchronized.

In reality, more than synchronization we can talk about a sort of mirroring, which means that it is a simple transposition of the WhatsApp content from the smartphone to the PC, adapted to the second type of device to offer you a better experience.

How to find the QR code for WhatsApp Web?

Have you ever noticed the strange code in WhatsApp Web? To make the system understand what your account is, in order to access your chats and synchronize all your conversations, you need to perform an operation that allows the smartphone's camera to read a special code. It is a QR code, or a code of square form which contains particular information: in the case of WhatsApp Web it allows the system to recognize you and re-propose everything stored in your account.

If you are already used to using QR codes, pay attention to that of WhatsApp Web: many people try to scan this code through a classic QR code reader, finding it impossible to connect with WhatsApp Web. Actually, the code must be read exclusively from the dedicated menu in WhatsApp itself, or the application you installed on your smartphone, since trying to scan with any reader of these special codes practically nothing happens.

Advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp Web

You can use WhatsApp Web to take a look at the conversations while you are using the computer: can you imagine all the advantages of this choice? I'll list them for you:

  1. possibility to continue chatting on WhatsApp by watching conversations from the PC monitor;
  2. write by typing directly from the computer keyboard;
  3. time (and mental health) saved by coming and going from smartphone to PC;
  4. residual autonomy of the smartphone lightened by the intense activity of sending messages.

All very nice, but what are the cons of this fantastic web application? Nobody, there are no additional costs or special operations to be carried out, and all legal because it is provided in an official way by the WhatsApp team, so do not fear ban and get rid of that soft!

The only drawback, if we want to call it that, to use WhatsApp Web You need to keep the connection on your smartphone, WiFi or data active. What I'm trying to say is that WhatsApp Web works exclusively in combination with the smartphone, so forget to say goodbye to the phone to chat on WhatsApp, but still take advantage of this great convenience!

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Who can use this convenient extension?

Let's move on to the practical part trying to figure out who the users can take advantage of WhatsApp Web and their requirements. From the mobile side, all users who can use WhatsApp are the owners of Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia.

At the moment there are many platforms and supported versions from WhatsApp even if, as announced at the beginning of the year, by the end of 2016, support for the last four will be terminated for reasons of updating that will no longer be able to support.

On the PC side, however, WhatsApp Web works with the following browsers:

  1. Google Chrome;
  2. Mozilla Firefox;
  3. Opera;
  4. Apple Safari;
  5. Microsoft Edge.

Well yes, big excluded from the list of browsers compatible with this extension is the Jerusalem Internet Explorer.

As regards, instead, the application to be installed on a PC, you will need to have:

  • Computer with Windows 8 or higher operating system;
  • Mac with OS X from version 10.9 and up.
  • WhatsApp Web for PC.

The procedure for exchanging messages with your WhatsApp contacts, directly from the program installed on your computer, the same one you need to follow when connecting from a browser. Consequently, to use WhatsApp for PC you will not have to do anything but:

download and install WhatsApp Web for PC or Mac, open the program on PC, open the application on smartphone, select WhatsApp Web from the smartphone, frame the QR code that will be shown on the computer monitor, resume your conversations after the brief authentication.

How to change the background of WhatsApp Web

I bet you are a regular user of the well-known messaging application and, just as you would with an environment where you already know how to spend a lot of time, you would like to proceed with the personalization of the chat.

If so, you will probably have already set your favorite wallpaper on the smartphone to frame all your conversations, and since you started testing the WhatsApp Web goodness and its undeniable convenience as an additional tool, you would also like to be able to change it WhatsApp Web background.

Well, I have some good news for you: that background, albeit distinctive, which is found by default in WhatsApp Web conversations can be modified to give a touch of color to the chat.

To change the background of the WhatsApp Web chat needed:

  1. click on the button with the three dots on the left side of the screen to access the menu;
  2. open the Settings;
  3. select Background Chat;
  4. therefore choose the color you prefer.

38 different shades are available to color the conversation on WhatsApp Web, but unfortunately at the moment it is not yet possible to personalize the background of WhatsApp Web with a personal image, for example an own photo.

WhatsApp Web FAQ

1. Can I use it without owning a smartphone?

It is not possible to take advantage of the WhatsApp Web functions if you are not already a customer of the well-known service, since you still need a WhatsApp account. You can get the latter only by installing the application on a smartphone and combining it with a mobile number, unless unofficial practices that would make you risk ban. So you don't need additional accounts because you are dealing with the same one you use to chat on your smartphone.

2. Can I use WhatsApp Web if the phone is turned off?

No, because your phone acts as a repeater, so that if turned off or you have no field, the app on the PC warns you that it is trying to reconnect and that it will not be able to show you the screen.

3. Can I find WhatsApp Web disconnected from the PC?

No, it is substantially more likely that the token between the PC and the smartphone has expired or been invalidated after WhatsApp control. The token, practically an encrypted code, regenerates itself, following the different procedures described above depending on whether you have an Android or iOS system.

4. How do you exit WhatsApp Web?

To exit this application from your mobile device, go to Settings or Menu> tap WhatsApp Web> disconnect from all devices> disconnect.

5. I can't capture the QR code, what can I do?

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