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WhatsApp: voice calls and other surprises with the next update

WhatsApp: the Beta update introduces the captions

The future of Whatsapp, from many places in doubt due to the few innovations and the many problems following the acquisition of Facebook, confirmed only in recent weeks by Europe Commission with the official go-ahead, it could amaze a lot with a series of important news on the horizon and soon to arrive on your devices.

Among these, as revealed by the latest increasingly insistent rumors, the notes would stand out as always voice calls through VoIP system, functionality present for some time at the main and most distinguished competitors but capable of generating a certain expectation for the most used instant messaging app in the sector, both Android that iOS. Right in thelast update the first concrete signs emerged with a dedicated folder in the app's system directory, months after the vision also of thecall interface, which would leave no room for doubts whatsoever on the timing of supply now running out.

To somehow forgive the wait, the WhatsApp development team could soon provide with the next update, accredited by many parties as valid for the arrival of voice calls, even a registration functionality of the same calls. The latter represents a detail capable of generating many doubts given the obvious problems of privacy which we would encounter in some countries where the management of these issues always to be treated with a certain delicacy and Italy certainly one of them.

The doubts remain on several fronts, so all that remains is to wait for confirmations or denials directly with the next update whose times are still unknown, what seems clear that with the official go-ahead for Facebook from the EU, something for WhatsApp is about to change.

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