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WhatsApp: the double blue tick arrives


As anticipated a few months ago, the well-known messaging application Whatsapp yesterday introduced a new notification mode related to the messages sent, these are the double blue tick, which warns users that the message you sent appears to have been read by the recipient.

No more excuses like I don't have read the message, or I read it late and the like, now WhatsApp introduces an additional level of detail regarding the messages sent by users. In addition to the classic tick, which means that the message has been accepted by the server, and the double tick that identifies the only reception of the message on the recipient's device, now WhatsApp also allows you to see when that message is read, going to change the color of the double tick in blue.

This notification also works in groups, in a similar way, i.e. the double blue tick will be shown when all the participants in that group have read the message that we have sent them. The news appeared yesterday evening without any updates being released, but as an internal update of the function and active on the Android versions and also the application's iOS. It is also reported that for the iOS version, by holding down the message, a new "info" item is also shown that allows you to see the time of sending and reading the message itself. We see below the system of notifications with ticks and colors that is now adopted by WhatsApp:

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