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WhatsApp: the Beta update introduces the captions

WhatsApp: the Beta update introduces the captions

The competition relating to instant messaging services remains high, favoring the user with the improvement of services as happened in the case of Google Hangouts completely renewed, and despite the slowdowns in development too Whatsapp it seems he doesn't want to be outdone. With the latest update of the Beta release the foundations have been laid for some news.

Among these, the Captions, or an alternative to the wordings applicable in the photo editor of Facebook Messenger of which you can consult theuser guide, which do not overlap the image but remain integrated in the sending frame by associating text and photos. Nothing new for the other image editing modes present in the WhatsApp editor, nor on much more expected features such as voice calls, who also made their landing on Hangouts, in addition to the blue confirmation ticks for reading the sent messages.

WhatsApp Beta Gallery – Captions

The slow development, not equal to the rhythm present for example on Facebook Messenger, to date have not affected the domain of WhatsApp which remains strong at the top of instant messaging applications yet the competition advances day after day, often drawing inspiration from news that the known app launches or announces without then concretizing its arrival. If you are interested in viewing the news of the Beta release in advance, you can download the latest ".apk" at the following link:

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