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Whatsapp, self-destructing messages

Whatsapp, messaggi che si autodistruggono

On Whatsapp i self-destructing messages, messages that after a certain period of time since they were read by the recipients vanish into thin air.

At the moment tests have been started that could make the auto cancel function available in the near future.

In reality it is a novelty for this app, but not for others. Indeed, it is already possible to send messages that cancel themselves from other apps, such as, among the most famous, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Snapchat.

For Whatsapp, on the other hand, the function is not yet active, although much awaited, so that after publishing the test announcement, the WABetaInfo technology site has added an important specification that says that the testing phase of self-destructing messages on unfinished Whatsapp is not finished and that we do not yet know when the option will become available.

So, for the avoidance of doubt, you know that for now you can't still send timed messages on Whatsapp, but probably soon.

Self-erasing messages on Whatsapp

Depending on when you know the test, on Whatsapp you will find a timer that will allow you to choose, once the function has been selected, the time within which your messages will be automatically deleted: 5 seconds or an hour.

Then the text will disappear, leaving no trace, but probably at least in the beginning it will be possible to send self-destructing messages only in group chat and only if the administrator will activate the function.

If you are also a victim of the chats of the parents of your child's class or if the group of friends is particularly active, even if you are not the administrator, then once the function becomes available and if the version now under test is confirmed, propose this mode to prevent the group from being clogged with messages that after a certain time become completely useless.

Always remember that before being permanently destroyed, and this applies to all chats that allow the self-deletion of messages, what you write could still be immortalized in a screenshot by the recipients and we tell you this to protect your privacy.

Other story instead are the messages that are not automatically deleted but that you have deleted. In fact, know that these are not eliminated forever, but can be recovered through backup or with specific apps.

How to create self-destructing messages

As we told you, other instant messaging apps already allow you to create self-canceling messages. Here we talk about two of the most used.


If you want to send self-destructing messages on Telegram you can do it thanks to the new secret chat function. Select it and choose the recipient among your contacts, a timer will appear that allows you to choose the time after which, once read, the posts self-destruct, you have an option that goes from a second up to a week. Small differences in procedure exist for iOS and Android, but the system is very intuitive.

Telegram has always been characterized as a messaging app that is particularly sensitive to privacy thanks to the end-to-end encryption system and private chats allow you to automatically delete not only messages but also documents, photos and videos sent.

Facebook messenger

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