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WhatsApp Pay, the chat payment system arrives in 2020

Announced by Mark Zuckerberg on the sidelines of Facebook's financial extension conference has already had a long test phase in India

A new payment method arrives. Let's dare a joke. As if there weren't enough already. In the wake of Google, Amazon, Apple, just to mention the best known, comes WhatsApp Pay, the payment system aggregated to WhatsApp announced by Mark Zuckerbergon the sidelines of Facebook's financial extension conference.

The decision to definitively launch WhatsApp Payarrives coincidentally a few days after the start of Amazon to the experiments on the modalities of installment payment (also in Italy) and is presumed to arise from two needs.

The former is purely market based and lays its foundations on the fact that iDigital and mobile payment not only for the future, but for the present.The second reason isLibra, Facebook's cryptocurrency. In fact, after the step backwards of the major supporters (PayPal, Stripe, eBay, Visa and Mastercard), Vodafone has also decided to abandon the project.

In 2018, we got approval to test WhatsApp Pay with a million people in India said Zuckerberg And many people continued to use it week after week. I am really excited about this, and I expect thatstart spreading to a number of countries in the next six months.

As can be seen from the words of the number one in Menlo Park, the new payment system has already been tested in India. Last year, a number of regulatory issues prevented it from launching across the country. Now, however, the time has come for a more global move. And WhatsApp Pay seems to be really close to a substantial roll out that could also concern Italy.

How WhatsApp Pay works

whatsapp pay

The payment system aggregated to WhatsApp very similar to other systems already in use for some time. It's based on UPI technology (Unified Payment Interface) Peer to Peer, a real-time payment platform developed by the National Payments Corporation of India to facilitate interbank transactions. Basically it allows you to make payments between people, but also to pay on e-commerce sites that support it. The payments go through your WhatsApp account which linked to a checking account or a a credit card.

WhatsApp Pay cannot forget the evolution of WeChat. The Chinese application, born as a simple message exchange platform, has become over time a 360 ¬į platform for business, an example that Zuckerberg seems to want to follow to the end. And in the next 6 months, we'll find out.